Main Topics

All sessions will be arranged according to the submitted abstracts. Certain related topics are given below in order to help participants who will send abstracts.

Main Topics:
  • Approaches about Cinema and Philosophy Relationship
  • Film as Art, Film as Mass Art, Film as Philosophy and so on.
  • Images in Deleuzuen Film-Philosophy: The Movement-Image, The Time-Image
  • Images after Deleuze
  • The Neuro-Image
  • Film Phenomenology
  • Issues and Concepts
  • Ontology of Film
  • Thought Experiments and Cinema
  • Illustrating of Philosophical Concepts
  • Philosophy of Film
  • Films about Philosophy
  • Film Theory and Philosophy
  • Philosophical Directors
  • Popular Movies and Philosophy
  • Ethics (Films about Ethics, Ethical Concepts in Films, Contribution of Cinema to Ethical Concepts)
  • Spectatorship
  • Digital Cinema
  • Emotion, Affect and Reason
  • Film-Philosophers and Key Thinkers
  • Avand-Garde Films
  • Filmosophy, Cinematic Philosophy or Film AND Philosophy?
  • Cinematic Aesthetics
  • Cinematic Experience
  • Thinking the Discipline of Film-Philosophy with other Disciplines