Terms & Conditions


  • -Registration Fee (per abstract) : 100 Euro

    The symposium will be held in Istanbul, Akbank Sanat (https://www.akbanksanat.com) if there will be no restriction due to the pandemic. If it cannot be organized face to face due to pandemic conditions, the symposium will be held online as in the previous year and will be broadcasted live on the SineFilozofi Youtube channel.

    * Registration fee only includes the abstract submission

    Participants whose papers/article have been accepted by peer review process will be informed and acceptance letters will be sent via e-mail including payment account information.

  • This letter can also be used for necessary permissions and permits that must be obtained from the affiliated institutions.

  • Fees are per abstract.

  • There will be an on-line presentation opportunity for the participants who will be attending to make presentations from abroad.