Abstract Submission

Abstract Writing Format

The conference papers should be written in the Microsoft Word under the following format:

Sheet Size: A4/Vertical
Top Margin: 3 cm
Bottom Margins: 2.5 cm
Left Margin: 2,5 cm
Right Margin: 2,5 cm

Size of Title Text: 13 Font Size (Uppercase Letter, Bold)

Size of Main Text: 11 Font Size

Line Spacing: Single (1,5)

Indentation: 1 cm

Font Type: Times New Roman

The text should be justified from both sides.

  • Abstracts must contain minimum 150 words and no more than 350 words. The name should not be specified.
  • In addition to the abstract submission, a work file including CV, title, affiliated institution, contact information should be sent separately.
  • Abstracts and curriculum vitae should be submitted to [email protected], as two separate Word documents. As its blind review process, no name and contact information should be written in the abstracts.