4th Cinema and Philosophy Symposium

Is it possible to establish a relationship between films and philosophy? How can cinema itself contribute to philosophy? Is it possible for cinema to be able to philosophize on its own and to produce original ideas apart from contributing to written philosophy? If films produce philosophy, what could be the differences of this philosophy that is made with images from those philosophy that is made with words and writing?

In contemporary world, in cinema philosophy which has started to become a field and a discipline on its own, there has been a wide debate on the questions mentioned above. In fact, we can observe that similar questions about the relationship between cinema and philosophy have been asked since the early years of cinema. The dimensions of the relationship between philosophy and cinema, which can be seen as different disciplines at first glance, are diversifying and expanding every year. whether in the investigation of philosophical problems in films or the prominence of cinema with its thought and thus concept-generating feature. Cinema, which is made up of image and sound blocks, has become increasingly intertwined with philosophy in both academic and non-academic fields.

SineFilozofi Journal, which has been functioning as the first and only internationally indexed journals in the field of cinema philosophy in Turkey since 2016 and also which uniquely holds the position of being the only journal to use YouTube as a domain for video essays and various events about film studies, keeps on getting thinkers together, thanks to its cinema philosophy events. The Cinema and Philosophy Symposium, the first of which was held in 2018, the second in 2019 and the third in 2020, will be held again from 10 to 12 December 2021 this year, and again with the cooperation of Akbank Sanat.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you as participant/ paper presenter or a listener to this 4th Cinema and Philosophy Symposium. Just like the previous years, the 4th Cinema and Philosophy Symposium aims to create an opportunity for thought and discussion to blossom on the wide field of the relationship between cinema and philosophy. In this direction, the symposium aims to bring cinema practitioners together with the academic community and all cinema lovers. In this framework, the symposium will include the presentations of those who work in the academic field and those who think on cinema-philosophy, and the interviews of our directors, producers and artists who make productions in our cinema.

The purpose of organizing the 4th Cinema and Philosophy Symposium of SineFilozofi, which is an international, refereed, academic electronic journal and which is scanned in indexes such as UlakbimTR Index and international field index The Philosopher's Index and some other important indexes, DOAJ, SOBIAD, CEEOL, OVit, ProQuest, is to create an opportunity to develop ideas on production and criticism and share these ideas by bringing together individuals who think, create and produce on two disciplines. The papers presented in the symposium will also be published in the special issue of SineFilozofi and reach a wider audience.

In addition to academic papers, the following panels will be held with the artists involved in cinema practice at the symposium:

As in previous years, at the 4th Cinema and Philosophy Symposium, there will be panels with the participation of guests from the production side of the cinema. This year, the symposium will host Prof. Thomas E. WARTENBERG as keynote speaker who works at Mount Holyoke University and who is also a member of the editorial board in SineFilozofi Journal. Besides, FIBRESCI and Ecumenical Jury Award-winning director from the Berlin International Film Festival and Berlin UDK University academician Prof. Thomas ARSLAN will be the guest of the symposium at the director's panel.

We invite you as participant for paper presentation or listener to the 4th Cinema and Philosophy Symposium , where we can talk about cinema and philosophy for three days, share our ideas, and enable new "thought" to be produced.

Looking forward to seeing you all on December 10 to 12, 2021
Prof. Dr. Serdar Ozturk
Symposium Organizer, Owner and Publisher of SineFilozofi Journal